Los Padres Trail Riders

LPTR is an historic part of the Santa Barbara area horse community. You are invited to join this club and participate in events such as trail rides, parades, social events with informative speakers to further education in the equestrian community, and taking an active part in promoting plans, policies, and activities that will tend to further the use, acquisition, preservation, development and maintenance of riding and hiking trails, especially in the County of Santa Barbara.

PlayDay at Modoc Riding Arena

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Tasty News: at the General Meetings Potluck Dining has returned by popular demand.

LPTR offers participation in community parades....

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RSVP to Barbara Wolf 805 455-4113 regarding attendance and requirements

LPTR Trail Rides

LPTR includes rides with SYVR (you must be a member of SYVR to share their ride)

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Please RSVP call Barbara Hinman 682-9966

LPTR General Meetings

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Humane Society Educational Center, Overpass Road, Santa Barbara

LPTR 2015 PlayDay Pics at Modoc Riding Ring
was a fun event for English and Western riders,
for mules and horses, as well as spectators.

The whole idea of our trail obstacle course is to provide a place for newcomers to get a feel for the activity and to watch other horse and rider combinations. The course was simple enough to be inviting to novice horses as well as being a dependable place for more seasoned horses to ride over a different set of obstacles. There was also an Egg and Spoon race and a TP race.


The Board received five applications from organizations seeking grants for the 2014 Grant Program. It reviewed all the applications at their October meeting and made a final decision at its November meeting. In alphabetical order, the grants will be awarded to the following organizations for the projects they listed on their applications.

Los Padres Forest Association, Inc.
The $750 grant will go toward building a reroute around the North Cold Spring Slide. “This trail is one of the oldest and most frequently used trails...It starts in Montecito and climbs up the Santa Ynez Mountains to East Camino Cielo, continuing north through Forbush Flat and terminating at Mono Campground. The vast majority of the trail is in good shape and safe for all users, but there is one particularly nasty slide along the northern half that is currently impassable for equines and dangerous for all else. LPFA had site visits and discussions with trail experts to plan the best course of action to open this trail.”

Midland School Corporation.
Their $600 grant will be used toward building EQWine Covers in each of two pastures that are used by their horses. The school’s herd currently has 8 horses ranging from 11 to 31 years old. All are rescues and Midland uses them in their program, both for riding and for studying herd dynamics, proper care and handling, etc. The shelters will allow the animals to be protected from the elements.

Montecito Trails Foundation.
Their $600 grant will be used for maintenance of the McMenemy Trail. This trail connects to the San Ysidro, Hot Springs, and Girard Trails. Three years ago, the MTF made improvements to this trail to bring it up to horse worthy standards. Because of its single tract, rocky condition and bike traffic, additional maintenance is required to keep it horse worthy.

Santa Barbara County Trails Council.
The Council will receive a $750 grant to be used for two projects. $500 will be used to procure roofing material to cover an outdoor work and storage space at their tool and equipment facility. The Council and Los Padres Forest Assn. jointly maintain the building. One side is an outside area for mowers, large machines, and repair work. The County has allowed them to locate this facility on its property. This grant will allow both groups to safely maintain their equipment and supplies to work on local trails.
The $250 grant will be used for trail maintenance at Gaviota State Park with emphasis on improving existing trails for equestrian use and opening the Yucca Trail that is currently overgrown and unusable. The grant will be used to support volunteer crews.

Santa Barbara Humane Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.
Their $835 grant will be used to purchase an Arizona rigging pod and leg. This works as an artificial high directional used in a technical rescue system. The Society currently owns the Arizona Vortex. This purchase will increase their versatility and options in setting up a high-angle rescue of large animals. A few months ago, the Society participated in a rescue of a horse that fell 200 feet off Camino Cielo, so this item will increase their capabilities.

Remember, profits from the annual Tack & Tog Sale are used to fund the Grant Program. From 1999 through 2014, the Los Padres Trail Riders has donated $29,825 to local equestrian- and trail-related non-profit organizations. That is something we can all be proud of and the past and present Boards of Directors thank all of you who have participated in our fund-raising events, particularly the Tack & Tog Sale, over the years to make this a successful program.
This year, the admission to the Tack & Tog Sale will be by donation, so please remember how your generosity will be used.

2019 LPTR Board Members:

Amy Moore, President

Anita Klinger, Vice President

Nancy Moore, Secretary

Lou Dartanner, Treasurer

Barbara Hinman
Barbara Wolf

LPTR Board Meetings
are open to all members.

5063 Walnut Park Dr. Santa Barbara 93111

6 pm the first Monday of each month

The Fiesta Parade is always fun for everyone.

photo by Stephen Adams

photo by Stephen Adams

We are also doing some culinary reviews of the wonderful potluck food, here is an example:

Culinary review from a past meeting

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